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Crazy Dragon Our Story

The Crazy Dragon Story  

We love our food. By that we mean we love the food we produce at Crazy Dragon. We started out with a mission to produce a healthy and versatile food that could feed a family or be an alternative to your usual party food. We decided that we wanted to produce our product so that it could be cooked from frozen, locking in the freshness and nutritional value of our great Australian ingredients.

We then decided that we didn’t want to compromise our proteins and vegetables by using fillers, additive or any colours typical of the food that you find throughout the Asian snack food freezer.

We think we have succeeded in producing a product which can be enjoyed by all the family, and in any setting, using product that has come from a farm only days before it is snapped frozen. Our company is 100% Australian owned and our products are made by Australian staff in a suburb of Melbourne. We try to keep up with the ever changing demands of the sophisticated Australian public and we think we have a range to suit any taste.

Frozen food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and our products prove this! Low in Fat and Saturated Fat, low in Sodium and Sugar, NO MSG and almost 100% Australian Ingredients, Crazy Dragon products are the healthy choice.

You simply just have to ‘Heat & Eat’ and enjoy with your family or at your next kids party or cocktail party.

Check out our great serving suggestions for all our dumplings and buns.

Get adventurous, make your next meal a Crazy Dragon meal.

Nutritional Info

All our products are  low in fat, sugar and sodium and are made from Australian Ingredients. View our range for specific nutritional information.

Where to buy?

You will find our delicious food in the frozen section of leading Australia’s Retailers. Click Here to find out more

In the frozen food section

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