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5 things you should know about dumplings

May 6, 2019
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The best way to eat dumplings is in one bite

Dumplings are designed to be consumed in one mouthful, as its the best way to enjoy the combination of the meat filling and the very thin and springy flour wrapper.


If you can’t use chopsticks, eat dumplings with your fingers

Avoid using a fork at all costs, as piercing the dumpling will compromise the flavour.


When pan frying your dumplings, timing and ratios are your best friends

Carefully place dumplings one by one in a hot nonstick pan with a little oil. Add enough water to cover the bottom third of the dumplings. Next, put a tight fitting lid on top. The dumplings are ready when all the water has evaporated and the bottoms of the dumplings are nicely brown and crisp.


Dumplings are more popular in colder climates

There are three regions in which they have flourished the most: England, Bavaria and Austria.


Dumplings have medicinal qualities

Chinese legend says that the creator of the first dumpling was a physician who lived in the second half of the third-century names Zhang Zhongjing. Disturbed at seeing his village’s inhabitants suffer from frostbitten ears one winter Zhang formed dumplings in the shape of ears and fed these to the villagers.


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